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Stevens LaTeX Poster Template

For the poster session of its bi-annual event "Research and Entrepreneurship Day" my school, the Stevens Institute of Technology, only provided a Powerpoint poster template. Since typesetting formulas (and so many other things…) is rather painful to do in Powerpoint, I decided it is worth the effort and converted the poster template to LaTeX. I based the template on baposter by Brian Amberg which provides an excellent starting point for research posters. The Stevens design was created using a tikz picture as poster background as well as some adjustments to the style of the boxes.

I hope this template will help out other Stevens students in creating a poster on their research using LaTeX.

Download the Poster Template

Download Stevens LaTeX Poster Template


baposter has been released under the GNU General Public License and since I had to modify the baposter.cls file, this template is released under the GPL as well. I would love to release it under an MIT-like license, public domain or under Creative Commons in the future.