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NECCDC and the Infosec "Squirrel"

Our team just came back from the Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC) 2012. We had a young, fresh team and we have learned a lot!. Thanks to the red, black, and white teams for making this fun and challenging competition possible! I'm looking forward to see how our team will be doing in the coming years when they have even more experience. I am completing my PhD this Summer and I will not be returning to CCDC — at least not as a blue team member :–)

RSA Security started a fun social media campaign at RSA Conference 2012: "What is your Infosec alter ego?". Below is the result I got at NECCDC 2012. Whats' yours? Thank's for the t-shirt EMC / RSA!

Infosec Squirrel