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Splitting a VCALENDAR Into Single VEVENTs

Recently, I had to upload a backup of my tasks and events to my CalDAV/CardDAV Server. The backup was one VCALENDAR containing all the events (VEVENT) and tasks (VTODO). However, the event and todo items are stored on the server individually and, moreover, the calendar server does not support the upload of a VCALENDAR containing multiple entries.

To solve this I wrote a quick Python script which splits a VCALENDAR containing multiple VEVENTs/VTODOs into multiple VCALENDARs containing only a single event or task.; (I’m sure this can be done in a one-line awk script as well)

Fixing “Order Prints” in Picasa 3 Under Linux

Next to F-Spot and Shotwell (the new default in Ubuntu) Picasa is, in my opinion, still one of the best photo management programs for the Linux desktop.

If you like to print picture / calendars / albums online, the Shop or Order Prints function in Picasa is quite useful. It allows you to upload pictures directly to your favorite photo printing service. Since some months, however, this function just presented a grey page. I finally took the time to investigate and thanks to a posting to to the Google-Labs-Picasa-for-Linux group the solution is incredibly simple:

(G)vim Hangs While Saving a File When Using Eclim

I had a strange problem with vim on several of my machines. Sometimes, when saving a file (source code or LaTeX) in (g)vim, the vim session would just hang / freeze. After a couple of minutes the file got written and operation resumed as ususal.

Before switching to vim for all my development, I used eclipse for many projects. I like IDEs especially for their code completion functionality. To get this functionality into vim I used eclim which allows the user to code in vim while having vim connect to a backend eclipse instance which provides code completion (among other things).

It turns out that the communication between vim and eclim uses TCP port 9091 which happens to be the same port the bittorrent client transmission uses for its web interface. This port conflict caused vim to hang when it attempted to connect to the eclim instance when saving a file (while transmission was running). Closing transmission or chaning the port of the webinterface solved the issue, but it was somewhat hard to debug. Hope this helps somebody having the same issue.

A Website, Finally!

I finally found the time to setup my webpage. Here you will find information about myself, my research and a blog of things I want to remember or find worthy to be shared.